Send messages across your Windows 10 computers with SCCM and Toast Notifications


First off, this is mostly an inspirational post and the script used here is the latest release of my Windows 10 Toast Notification Script.

Secondly, from time to time, I still see people in various forums asking how they can send popup messages to the computers in their environment using SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager).

So I figured it would make a decent and quick blog post, describing how one can do just that using my Windows 10 Toast Notification script.

Toast Notification Script

My toast notification script is originally made to serve a specific purpose with Windows 10 In-Place upgrades and for pending reboots, but can obviously be used for general notifications as well.

Taking a closer look on the config-toast.xml file, you will have the option to disable the features UpgradeOS, PendingRebootUptime and PendingRebootCheck by configuring them to Enabled=”False”. See below illustration.

Doing so will skip various conditional checks for the version of Windows 10 and pending reboots, and instead just display the toast notification as configured in the config-toast.xml file.

This is also noted in the log file: “Toast notification is not used in regards to OS upgrade Or Pending Reboots”.

Configuration Manager

How all of this is put to use with SCCM is documented in the download found on this page:


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