Deploy RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) for Windows 10 v20H2 using ConfigMgr and PowerShell


This is becoming quite the tradition, and based on the count of views of my previous posts, a popular one indeed. ūüôā

I’m a man of traditions, so I’m sticking true to that, and therefore updated my PowerShell script which will enable you to install RSAT for Windows 10 v20H2 automatically and unattended.

The script received some minor changes, and is now also capable of temporarily disabling WSUS, and re-enabling it again post installation.

Over the years and since I created the first script, I have received a lot of comments saying, that if a device is configured to use WSUS, installation of Features on Demand may fail if certain configuration is not in place. So this is another attempt to have the most success with the use of my script.


The script requires administrative rights as well as access to the Internet (RSAT is installed through Microsoft Update).

The script is build around Get-WindowsCapability, Add-WindowsCapability and Remove-WindowsCapability.

The script comes with 5 options:

  • -All (-All¬†is installing ALL the features within the¬†RSAT¬†bundle)
  • -Basic (-Basic¬†is only installing AD DS, DHCP, DNS, Group Policy Management and Server Manager)
  • -ServerManager (-ServerManager¬†is only installing the Server Manager)
  • -Uninstall (-Uninstall¬†removes all RSAT features again)
  • -DisableWSUS ( -DisableWSUS¬†will disable and re-enable WSUS in the process of installing RSAT)

Below an example of running the script manually with the -Basic and -DisableWSUS parameters on Windows 10 v20H2:

Configuration Manager

I’m putting the Powershell script to use with an application in ConfigMgr. While this is pretty standard ConfigMgr, I have included a few snippets of the application below.

The installation program:

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -NoLogo -NonInteractive -NoProfile -WindowStyle Hidden -File .\Install-RSATv1809v1903v1909v2004v20H2.ps1 -Basic

The uninstall program:

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -NoLogo -NonInteractive -NoProfile -WindowStyle Hidden -File .\Install-RSATv1809v1903v1909v2004v20H2.ps1 -Uninstall

The repair program:

powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -NoLogo -NonInteractive -NoProfile -WindowStyle Hidden -File .\Install-RSATv1809v1903v1909v2004v20H2.ps1 -Basic


The script is now located on my GitHub page:

ENJOY ūüôā

13 thoughts on “Deploy RSAT (Remote Server Administration Tools) for Windows 10 v20H2 using ConfigMgr and PowerShell”

  1. Awesome script. I’ve used it more times then I can count now but thought I would let you know that the link at the bottom of this post seems to have a bad version of the script linked to it. If you right click on it and select save as the script fails on line 169 at character 35. But if you go to your GitHub page and get the script from the raw option everything works perfectly.

    • I’ve heard that before, and I’m not sure why. I usually always, also with anybody else’s scripts go into raw mode and copy/paste from there. Not sure what the browser does when selecting to download ūüôĀ

  2. This is what I have when I run the script.

    VERBOSE: Running correct Windows 10 build number for installing RSAT with Features on Demand. Build number is: 19042
    VERBOSE: ***********************************************************


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