How can I in-place upgrade to Windows 10 1803 using Powershell App Deployment Toolkit and SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) 2nd edition


Back in May i did a post on how to leverage Powershell App Deployment Toolkit and Configuration Manager to in-place upgrade to Windows 10 1803. Find the post in the link below:

Today I’m providing you with an update on the topic and giving you an updated version of the content. Note that the basic instructions for using all of this, is still found in my original post above.

What’s new?

I have slightly modified the Powershell script initiating the in-place upgrade task sequence to no longer include the registry tattooing.

Instead, this is done in the end of the actual task sequence. See below snippet. This allows the application in the Software Center to be rerun in case something goes amiss POST running the application. Note that this will yield an error in the application until the Application Deployment Eval Cycle has run and picked up the detection method.


The script initiating the task sequence now looks like this:


For your convenience, the Powershell script tattooing the registry is provided below (this is the step I highlighted in the snippet from the task sequence above):

Powershell App Deployment Toolkit

In regards to the Powershell App Deployment Toolkit, following are added/changed:

  • Testing for attached power adapter
    • If no power adapter is attached, allow the user to attach one and continue
    • If no power adapter is attached, the script will exit the installation with exit code 1618 (fast retry in the application, which means SCCM will retry the installation 10 times every 2 hours)
  • Allows the user to say no to proceeding the installation, which again will exit the installation with exit code 1618 and thus acts like a sort of deferal

Download the changes here: (167 downloads)

The battery check looks like below pictures.

End user experience

All of above was added/changed due to some comments on my previous post. Thank you for the feedback – much appreciated.

Please let me know if this is useful. Enjoy 🙂

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