Failed to resume task sequence (0x800700EA)

I just upgraded my SCCM 2012 environment to the latest R2-release and while everything seemed to be without obstacles, I ran into this error:

<![LOG[Failed to resume task sequence (0x800700EA).]LOG]!><time=”08:41:37.801+420″ date=”09-19-2013″ component=”TSMBootstrap” context=”” type=”3″ thread=”3256″ file=”tsmbootstrap.cpp:426″>EA)

My OSD Task Sequence got to install the OS and the SCCM client, and then just booted directly into the OS skipping the rest. No error was displayed, so I checked the SMSTS.log and saw the above error.

I was using boot images created from MDT 2012, which I thought would be OK in this case. But apparently it’s not – boot images created with MDT 2012 is no longer working and when I switched back to the default ones, my Task Sequence completed.

The new boot images comes with the new Windows 8.1 ADK ( and R2 will upgrade them automatically.

The new boot images will look like this:


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