Windows 10 Toast Notification Script

Description The Windows 10 Toast Notification Script enables you to create nice and nifty toast notifications for the logged on user in Windows 10. This can be done with Configuration Manager, Microsoft Intune and scheduled tasks. The script comes with 3 main purposes/features, but is not limited to: UpgradeOS PendingReboot ADPasswordExpiration UpgradeOS is meant to be used with Windows Servicing, notifying users about new available Windows versions. This is primarily intended to be used with ConfigMgr. The main idea here is to lure the end-users into a voluntary participation and make them initiate the in-place upgrade themselves. This works for both task sequences and feature updates. The toast notification displayed for the end-user in such scenario, may look similar to below mid example, where the Install button will redirect the user into the Software Center: PendingReboot is the second purpose/feature and is displayed above to the right. The idea here … Read more…Continue reading «Windows 10 Toast Notification Script»