Automatic Deployment Rule and Deployment Package

*UPDATE* This has been fixed in R2, and you are now able to select a deployment package from within the console *UPDATE*

Just a quick note on the above topic. I have created several Automatic Deployment Rules in my ConfigMgr environment, and was looking for a way to change which Deployment Package the updates was stored in. The console in SP1 doesn’t offer the opportunity, so I went to my favorite search engine and came across this blog post:

Peter’s work is accepted to TechNet galleries:

Deploying Service Pack 2 for Microsoft Office 2010 using ConfigMgr

Earlier in july Microsoft released Service Pack 2 for Office 2010, which means most sys. admins is about to review, test and finally deploy SP2 for Office 2010 to their Office 2010 clients. (You can read more about SP2 here:

At first SP2 doesn’t seem to be released to WSUS as it’s predecessor (Edit: It is as of now, 2014), but that is not an obstacle. You can just import it yourself.

1) On your server hosting WSUS, launch the Windows Server Update Services console.

2) Right-click on Updates and chose Import Updates.

3) Your browser will direct you to

4) Search for KB2687455 and import it to WSUS.

5) Syncronize Software Updates in the SCCM2012 console and deploy it like any other regular update.











Ps. Another option is to download the SP2 directly from Microsoft, and deploy it using an application (SCCM2012) or a standard package. You can download SP2 here: