Deploying software targeting user AND machine context

So, are you ever in need of deploying software targeting computers , but also in need of pushing config files belonging to the same software targeting the users profile?

You can do that using ConfigMgr, and this is how I do it.

In this example I was messing around with Ad Block for IE. To avoid some annoying first run popups, you have to make sure some config files exists in the users profile. You can push those files directly to the logged on user (or any user logging on the same computer) immediately after installing the targeted software.

  • First, create the ad block (or whatever software you’d like) as a package in configmgr. This is pretty standard, and is not explained in this post.
  • Secondly, create another package consisting of the files going into the users profile. The files for Ad Block is automatically created during the first run of IE after the installation, and consists of following files:


  • Thirdly, create a batch script running following command and put it next to the files going into the users profile: xcopy “%~dp0Files\*.*” “%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Adblock Plus for IE\” /E /S /Y /Q. Notice I have the files in a sub folder to the actual .cmd:


  • Distribute to the distribution point as usual and create a program running the CopyFiles.cmd running in user context:

adblockfiles3 adblockfiles4

  • Edit the program running the software created in the first step and make the following changes:


  • Finally, deploy both the program running the actual software, and the program copying the files to the users profile to the same collection of computers. The program running the copy of the files, can be deployed as available:


All of above will result in the actual software being installed (system context) AND the files being copied into the logged on users profile (user context) in one go.

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